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Dedicated Primarily to Family Law since 1976.

Brea Divorce Mediation Lawyer John Balent

Are you presently contemplating divorce and wish to avoid lengthy and emotionally draining divorce litigation? If you know that divorce is inevitable and you and your spouse are interested in exploring peaceful divorce solutions, contact Brea Divorce Mediator John A. Balent at (714) 990-3255 to schedule a free consultation with a skilled and experienced divorce mediator.

Attorney John Balent has been representing parties in divorce actions since 1976, and has extensive experience successfully guiding divorcing parties through the Divorce Mediation process. As a neutral third-party negotiator, Mr. Balent does not represent either party. Rather, he acts as a neutral mediator working with both parties to craft an acceptable, binding and enforceable Marital Settlement Agreement.

Because of the nature of Divorce Mediation, if either party decides to withdraw from the Mediation process, Mr. Balent will be unable to serve as legal counsel in your divoBrea Divorce Mediation Attorney John Balentrce case.

Divorce Mediation in Brea

Divorce Mediation is a voluntary, highly effective alternative to traditional Family Law litigation. In his role as a Divorce Mediator, Brea Lawyer John Balent works diligently to help couples resolve their disputes without the cost and anxiety that acrimonious divorce litigation can cause. By utilizing Divorce Mediation, couples can take control of the terms of their divorce, division of property, issues relating to their children such as custody, support and parenting plans, and move forward with their lives peacefully.

Brea Divorce Mediation Lawyer John A. Balent is a skilled divorce mediator who has been helping couples resolve the issues relating to their divorce in a peaceful, calm and confidential setting for 37 years.

When acting as a Divorce Mediator, Mr. Balent does not take on the role of an aggressive advocate fighting on behalf of either party. Rather, he is a neutral party who advises the divorcing spouses how to make sound decisions and resolve their issues respectfully, without judicial interference.

If you and your spouse are divorcing and you want to avoid costly divorce litigation that could take years to resolve, contact Brea Divorce Mediation Attorney John A. Balent at (714) 990-3255 for a complimentary consultation.

Mr. Balent will meet with you and your spouse to discuss the terms of Divorce Mediation and help you determine if Mediation is a viable solution based on your circumstances, including your combined ability to set aside any differences and settle your divorce through the Mediation process.

Divorce Mediation enables a divorcing couple to reach a mutual agreement with respect to:

When you choose divorce litigation over mediation, you are choosing to give a judge the power to make crucial decisions regarding your personal life, your relationship with your children, and your finances. Divorce Mediation ensures both parties are active participants, who are fully informed about the consequences of each decision.

Contact Brea Divorce Mediation Attorney John A. Balent

If you and your spouse have decided to divorce and want to obtain information about Divorce Mediation,  contact Brea Divorce Mediation Lawyer John A. Balent at (714) 990-3255 to schedule a free comprehensive consultation.