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Dedicated Primarily to Family Law since 1976.

Diamond Bar Family Law Attorney John Balent

Buena Park Family Law AttorneyAt the Law Firm of Diamond Bar Family Law Attorney John A. Balent, we are primarily devoted to providing skilled representation to Family Law clients. A highly knowledgeable Family Law Lawyer dedicated to the practice of Family Law since 1976, Mr. Balent will work diligently to settle your Family Law dispute through mediation.

However, when attempts to settle your case through mediation fall through, Diamond Bar Family Law Lawyer John Balent is an aggressive litigator who won’t hesitate to take your case to trial and will fight to obtain the desired results.

If you are seeking intelligent, experienced legal counsel and representation in any Family Law matter, please contact the Law Firm of Diamond Bar Family Law Attorney John A. Balent by calling (714) 990-3255 to schedule your free, in-office consultation.

Whether you are filing for divorce, are engaged in a child custody, visitation or support dispute, or are seeking a post-judgment modification, Diamond Bar Lawyer John Balent possesses the skills and knowledge to help you resolve your matter effectively and efficiently.

Diamond Bar Family Law Lawyer Practice Areas

The Law Firm of Diamond Bar Attorney John A. Balent provides knowledgeable legal advice and experienced representation in all cases pertaining to Family Law & Divorce, including but not limited to the following::


Contested Divorce Cases

Default Divorces

Highly Complex Divorce Matters

Large Asset Divorce Cases

Uncontested Divorce


Comprehensive Family Law Mediation

Divorce Mediation

Enforceable Family Law Settlement Agreements

Property Settlement

Child Custody & Visitation

Child Support

Alimony / Spousal Support Settlements


Alimony Mediation Services

Contested Alimony Matters

Judicial Spousal Support Determination

Post Judgment Modification of Alimony / Spousal Support Judgments

Child Custody

Child Custody Mediation

Contested Legal Custody Litigation

Contested Physical Custody Litigation

Move Away / Parental Relocation Disputes

Parental Kidnapping – Domestic and International

Post Judgment Modification of Child Custody

Child Support

Estimated Child Support Calculations

Child Support Mediation

Contested Child Support Litigation

Post Judgment Modification of Child Support

DCSS Enforcement Matters

Child Visitation

Child Visitation Mediation

Creating Enforceable Parenting Plans

Child Visitation Contempt Matters

Judicial Determination of Visitation & Parenting Plan Orders

Post Judgment Modification of Visitation

Domestic Violence

Acquisition of Civil Domestic Violence Protective Order

Defense of Petition for Civil Domestic Violence Order of Protection

Modification of Custody or Visitation based on Family Violence or Issuance of Restraining Order

Legal Separation

Legal Separation Mediation

Dividing Marital Debts & Assets

Contested / Uncontested Spousal Support

Contested / Uncontested Child Custody & Visitation

Child Support Orders

Modification of Alimony, Custody, Visitation & Support

Post Judgment Modifications

Modification based on Change in Circumstances

Representation even if Attorney Balent didn’t handle your Initial Case


Uncontested Paternity Matters

Contested Paternity Cases

Judicial Determination of Child Support

Child Custody & Visitation / Parenting Plans

Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements

Experienced Legal Advice re: Prenuptial or Postnuptial Marital Agreements

Drafting & Reviewing Marital Agreements

Negotiating Terms of Prenuptial / Postnuptial Marital Agreements

Property Division

Property Division Mediation

Uncontested / Contested Property Division Matters

Division of Marital Debts

Tracking Down Hidden Assets

Resolving Commingling Matters

Stepparent Adoptions

Knowledgeable Legal Counsel re: Stepparent Adoptions

Initiation of Stepparent Adoption Proceedings

Defense Against Stepparent Adoptions

At the Law Firm of Diamond Bar Family Law Attorney John A. Balent, we believe in placing the needs of our clients above all else. Vigorously preserving and protecting the rights of clients in all Family Law proceedings, Mr. Balent fights to help his clients resolve their matters as quickly and favorably as possible so they can move forward with their lives.

Dedicated to maintaining excellent client contact, we will always keep you informed as to the progress of your case and immediately inform you if new developments arise. All communications will be addressed in a prompt and courteous manner.  

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Conveniently located near Diamond Bar, we have been representing Family Law clients throughout the region for almost 40 years, and want to put our experience to work for you!