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Dedicated Primarily to Family Law since 1976.

Fullerton Family Law Attorney | Divorce Lawyer John Balent

Are you currently involved in a Family Law related matter or need advice pertaining to filing for Divorce? Fullerton Family Law Attorney John A. Balent has dedicated his career to the representation of clients in all Family Law cases since 1976.

Fullerton Divorce and Family Law Attorney John Balent is pleased to offer a free, confidential initial consultation at his office conveniently located near Fullerton. A skilled negotiator and seasoned litigator, if the issues in your case cannot be resolved through settlement talks, Mr. Balent won’t hesitate to take your case to trial. Fullerton Family Law Lawyer

One of the area’s leading Family Law Attorneys, Mr. Balent takes great pride in working closely with his clients and keeping them informed as to the status of their case, and all client communications will be addressed in a timely manner. An innovative Divorce Lawyer, Fullerton Attorney John Balent approaches every case in a forward thinking manner and seeks to resolve any areas of potential future conflict by addressing them in your current case.

Please contact Fullerton Family Law Lawyer and Divorce Attorney John A. Balent by calling (714) 990-3255 to schedule your complimentary, in-office consultation. During your consultation Mr. Balent will determine your needs and goals, and will provide an honest, up-front assessment of your case, whether your expectations are realistic, and explain all other potential issues that may need to be addressed.

Family Law Areas of Practice – Attorney John A. Balent

Fullerton Family Law Lawyer and Divorce Attorney John Balent represents clients in a broad range of Divorce and Family Law related matters, including the following:

Divorce – Tenacious and caring legal representation in contested divorce proceedings and divorce litigation, uncontested or default divorce matters, same-sex divorces and dissolution of domestic partnerships, and complex divorces involving multi-million dollar marital estates.  

Divorce Mediation – A superior divorce mediator, Fullerton Family Law Attorney John Balent helps clients resolve their Family Law and Divorce matters through the Divorce Mediation process. When successful, mediation allows couples to resolve all of the issues pertaining to their divorce, including division of marital assets and debts, alimony, and all matters relating to their children such as custody, visitation and child support. Divorce Mediation allows the parties to create their own settlement agreement without judicial interference and in the long run is less costly, both financially and emotionally, than contentious divorce litigation.

Child Custody & Visitation – Vigorous representation in contested child custody matters. Legal Custody determines which parent will have the right to make decisions pertaining to the health, education and general welfare of the children. Physical Custody refers to which parent will be the primary residential caregiver.

Absent extenuating circumstances, under California Law there is a presumption that Joint Legal Custody is in the best interests of the children. As to Physical Custody, once a determination is made regarding which parent will be the Primary Custodial Parent, a Parenting Plan will be implemented setting forth the terms of Child Visitation which will be awarded to the Non-Custodial Parent.

Throughout all Custody and Visitation proceedings, the best interests of the children are considered to be of the utmost importance. The intricacies of this term will be thoroughly explained to you, because what the parents deem to be in the best interests of the children frequently differs from judicial interpretation of this terminology.

Child Support – After Child Custody & Child Visitation are determined, the Court will issue a child support order in accordance with the guideline formula set forth in California’s Family Law Code, by using a computer program specifically designed to assist the Court in providing an accurate Child Support Calculation. Numerous factors may have an impact on the amount of Child Support that is ordered, so it is imperative that you retain a knowledgeable Family Law Attorney who possesses an in-depth understanding of these complex guidelines.

Fullerton Family Law Lawyer John A. Balent has almost 40 years’ experience vigorously representing his clients in Child Support cases, and strives to ensure that the Court takes every relevant factor into account prior to issuing a judgment.

Domestic Violence – Whether you are seeking a protective order due to domestic violence or have been accused of committing an act of domestic violence, Fullerton Family Law Attorney John A. Balent provides aggressive representation of parties in Domestic Violence cases as heard in the Family Court.

Legal Separation – Some couples prefer Legal Separation to Divorce for a variety of reasons. At the Fullerton Law Firm of Family Law Lawyer John Balent, we can help you obtain a legal separation from your spouse. All issues that would be resolved during divorce proceedings will be addressed via legal separation with one significant difference – the parties will remain married and must obtain a divorce should they wish to marry another.

Modifications – Attorney John A. Balent provides skilled and knowledgeable representation in all Post-Judgment Modification cases, and can assist you with your Modification even if our law firm did not represent you in the initial action. Modifications are based upon successfully demonstrating a change in circumstances, and are typically brought to modify Custody, Visitation, Support and Alimony. If you have a question about obtaining or fighting a Modification, please call (714) 990-3255 to make an appointment for your free, in-office consultation.

Property Division – Property Division is one of the most frequently contested issues that arises when a couple divorces. Absent a valid prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, under California Law all marital assets and debts are equally divided upon dissolution of marriage. Although separate property assets are not typically subject to division, there are circumstances under which these assets may be deemed to have been changed (or transmutated) into community property. Fullerton Family Law Lawyer John Balent fights aggressively to ensure that all debts and assets are divided fairly between the parties. When necessary, we will bring in a forensic accountant and private investigator to determine if the other party is hiding assets.

Spousal Support – Also known as Alimony, Spousal Support is treated differently by the Courts than Child Support. While Child Support is mandatory, judges will examine numerous factors prior to granting or denying a request for Spousal Support. Because Alimony is a complex issue, it is crucial that you retain a highly experienced Fullerton Family Law Lawyer who understands the intricacies of Spousal Support and knows how to argue your position aggressively.

In addition to the preceding matters, Fullerton Family Law Attorney John Balent also represents parties in Parental Relocation / Move Away cases, Paternity Disputes, can draft or review a Prenuptial or Postnuptial Agreement, or help you obtain or fight a Stepparent Adoption.

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For immediate assistance or to schedule your free, comprehensive consultation, please call (714) 990-3255. We are conveniently located near Fullerton and have been helping clients throughout the region resolve their Family Law cases effectively and efficiently for almost 40 years. Let us put our experience to work for you!