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Dedicated Primarily to Family Law since 1976.

Garden Grove Family Law Attorney John Balent

Divorce Attorney and Family Law Lawyer John Balent has served clients since 1976 in Garden Grove and throughout Southern California by primarily focusing on providing legal representation in non-contested and contested divorce and family law cases. Garden Grove Family Law Attorney John Balent

If you are looking for legal guidance in a divorce or family law matter, please call 714-990-3255 or contact our office online. We invite you to make an appointment with Garden Grove Family Law Attorney and Divorce Lawyer John Balent. During your confidential and free consultation, Mr. Balent will review your information, discuss your legal objectives, and determine ways to protect your rights while you move forward in life.

Throughout his nearly 40-year career, Garden Grove Divorce Attorney and Family Law Lawyer Balent has assisted hundreds of families and family law clients while effectively finding successful resolutions to their divorce and family law issues.

Garden Grove Family Law Attorney and Divorce Lawyer John Balent offers experienced representation in many Family Law areas of practice.

Child Custody Attorney

After divorce or separation, decisions regarding the children’s welfare and Child Custody often become emotionally charged. Family Law Lawyer and Child Custody Lawyer John Balent resolves child custody disputes skillfully through negotiations, mediation, and, when necessary, litigation.

Child Support Lawyer

The initial determination of Child Support is calculated by family court using several factors. Child Support Attorney Balent represents clients through the entire process, from the initial determination, to arrearage matters, and enforcement defense.

Child Visitation Attorney

After a child’s legal and physical custody has been determined by the court, a Child Visitation schedule must be decided. Child Visitation Lawyer John Balent helps parents create an effective parenting plan which ensures the child adequate time with each parent.

Community Property Division Lawyer

After divorce or legal separation, the Division of Community Property can become complex. Community Property Division Attorney Balent helps clients achieve fair, equitable resolutions when dividing community property, debts, and assets.

Divorce Attorney

If you believe your marriage may be headed toward Divorce, contact Garden Grove Divorce Lawyer Balent for answers. As an experienced divorce lawyer, Mr. Balent represents clients in contested and uncontested divorce cases.

Divorce Mediation Lawyer

Divorce Mediation is an alternative to a traditional divorce which is litigated in court. Divorce Mediation Attorney Balent is a skilled neutral mediator who works with both spouses to create a successful Marital Settlement Agreement.

Domestic Violence Attorney

If you are a victim of Domestic Violence, or if you’ve been falsely accused of these charges, call Domestic Violence Lawyer John Balent for legal assistance. Family Law Attorney Balent handles matters concerning a defense of domestic violence charges, and requests for orders of protection and temporary restraining orders.

Legal Separation Lawyer

For nearly forty years, Garden Grove Family Law Lawyer John Balent has assisted men and women in obtaining Legal Separations. As an alternative to divorce, Legal Separation Attorney Balent assists clients as they divide assets and implement plans for spousal support and custody.

Parental Relocation Attorney

Move-away issues may arise when one parent chooses to change residence to a location which places a substantial distance between the child and the parent. In these cases, Parental Relocation Lawyer John Balent assists with modification of visitation, support, or custody.

Paternity Lawyer

If you have doubts about your child’s paternity, a skilled Garden Grove family law attorney can help you resolve these matters. Paternity Attorney Balent helps fight or establish any Paternity action.

Prenuptial Agreements Attorney & Postnuptial Agreements Lawyer

Prenuptial agreements are established prior to marriage, while postnuptial agreements are signed during a marriage. Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements can protect one’s assets in case divorce strikes. Prenuptial Agreements Lawyer and Postnuptial Agreements Attorney Balent drafts, reviews and revises these marital agreements.

Post-Judgment Modification Attorney

If your situation has become significantly altered, you may qualify for a post-judgment modification to your original family court order. Post-Judgment Modification Lawyer Balent represents clients in any post-judgment modification proceeding concerning child support, child custody, alimony, and parenting plans.

Spousal Support Lawyer

In California, Spousal Support is calculated using many factors. Spousal Support Attorney Balent offers skilled legal guidance to clients who are involved in spousal support (alimony) matters.

Stepparent Adoptions Attorney

If your family is growing through marriage, you may be considering Stepparent Adoptions. As a knowledgeable Family Law Attorney and Stepparent Adoptions Lawyer, John Balent brings and defends legal actions in a stepparent adoption.

Call Garden Grove Family Law Lawyer John Balent

If you are facing divorce, or are looking for experienced, skilled legal counsel in a Family Law matter, call Garden Grove Family Law Lawyer and Divorce Attorney Balent at 714-990-3255 and arrange for a free confidential consultation.

Garden Grove Attorney John A. Balent and his dedicated staff diligently work to inform clients on case developments, and we regularly return phone calls and emails.