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Dedicated Primarily to Family Law since 1976.

La Habra Family Law Attorney | Divorce Lawyer John Balent

La Habra Family Law Lawyer and Divorce Attorney John A. Balent has been providing skilled, aggressive, and caring legal representation since 1976. Focusing primarily on Family Law matters, Mr. Balent offers legal counsel to those involved in no-contested and contested Family Law issues, including divorce, child support, modification, visitation, custody, and a range of Family Law cases.

La Habra Divorce Attorney and Family Law Lawyer John Balent offers a confidential, free initial consultation in his office which is located conveniently near La Habra. Because he is a seasoned litigator and skilled negotiator, Family Law Attorney Balent will take the matter to trial if your case has issues which can’t be resolved through settlement talks.La Habra Family Law Attorney John Balent

As a top Family Law Attorney in this area, La Habra Divorce Lawyer John Balent is proud to work closely with clients to keep them informed of case-related items and updated on their case’s status. This includes returning client emails and telephone inquiries promptly. Divorce Attorney Balent takes an innovative, forward-thinking approach to each case by seeking to resolve potential areas of conflict in advance, before they become larger issues later on. The guidance of an experienced Family Law Lawyer is crucial when you are making key decisions about your family’s future.

Contact La Habra Family Law Attorney and Divorce Lawyer Balent at (714) 990-3255 to arrange for your free consultation in our office. During your initial consultation, Family Law Lawyer Balent will take the time to discuss your unique situation and help determine your legal goals. You will receive an honest assessment from an experienced Family Law Attorney who will offer advice on whether your expectations and hopes in this case are realistic, and he will provide a detailed explanation of other potential issues which may also need to be resolved.

Family Law Areas of Practice – Lawyer John A. Balent

La Habra Family Law Attorney and Divorce Lawyer John Balent provides experienced legal representation for clients involved in Divorce cases and Family Law matters, including:

DivorceDivorce Attorney Balent provides caring and tenacious legal representation for individuals involved in contested divorce cases and uncontested or default divorce matters, divorce litigation, same-sex divorce or the dissolution of a domestic partnership, and complex divorce matters that involve multi-million dollar joint marital estates.

Divorce Mediation La Habra Divorce Mediation Attorney Balent suggests this process as a way for couples to successfully resolve their divorce matters in a peaceful way. Each spouse participates in making informed decisions on child custody, child support, child visitation, alimony, and division of marital assets/debts. Family Law Attorney and Divorce Mediation Lawyer Balent remains neutral and advises both parties as they create an enforceable and binding Marital Settlement Agreement.

Child Custody & VisitationWhen child custody cases are contested, Child Custody Attorney Balent vigorously represents clients and puts the child’s best interests as a top priority. After the court issues custody, Child Visitation Lawyer Balent works diligently to help clients craft successful parenting plans designed to lessen future conflict or litigation.

Child SupportIn California, the Family Law Code assists the court in determining the amount of child support that one parent is required to pay in order to assure that the child is adequately and properly sustained. Family Law Lawyer and Child Support Attorney Balent is knowledgeable in these complex guidelines and can advise you on the numerous factors which impact the final amount of court-ordered Child Support. La Habra Child Support Lawyer John A. Balent, with almost 40 years of experience in this field, vigorously represents clients to ensure all relevant factors are taken into account before a judgment is issued.

Domestic Violence – If you have suffered at the hand of a spouse or partner, or if you are being accused of committing these acts, La Habra Domestic Violence Lawyer Balent will provide aggressive representation in both Family Court and Criminal Law Court. If you are filing for a Temporary Restraining Order against a former spouse, or if you are fighting false allegations, Domestic Violence Attorney Balent has the necessary experience to help protect and preserve your rights.


Legal Separation – Family Law Lawyer and Legal Separation Attorney Balent has been assisting couples through the legal separation process since 1976. Legal separation is often sought as an alternative to divorce. Legal Separation Lawyer John Balent will diligently work with clients as the marital issues of spousal support, child custody, and asset/debt division are decided in Family Law Court.

Modifications – When circumstances change after the Family Law Court has ordered Spousal Support and/or Child Support, Custody, or Visitation, Attorney Balent can assist with your case, even if we did not represent your case from the initial or subsequent action. Post Judgment Modification Lawyer Balent provides knowledgeable and skilled representation fighting or obtaining Modification. Call (714) 990-3255 for your appointment today!

Property DivisionWhen couples divorce, dividing the assets and debts that were acquired during the marriage is often a frequently contested issue. La Habra Divorce Lawyer and Property Division Attorney Balent will provide experienced legal representation and fight for the equitable and fair division of assets and debts in your divorce. Contact skilled Property Division Lawyer Balent online or by calling (714) 990-3255.

Spousal Support– La Habra Family Law Attorney and Spousal Support Lawyer John A.  Balent works diligently to help clients obtain the best possible outcome. Alimony is not automatically awarded and, when granted, the amount is based on many factors. Contact highly skilled Spousal Support Attorney Balent to find answers for your questions and concerns.

In addition, La Habra Family Law Lawyer John A. Balent represents clients involved in many types of Family Law cases. Call our office if you are in need of a Move Away / Parental Relocation Attorney, Stepparent Adoption Lawyer, Paternity Attorney, or Postnuptial and Prenuptial Agreements Lawyer.

Call an Experienced La Habra Family Law Attorney Today for a Free Consultation

To schedule your comprehensive consultation, or if you are in need of immediate assistance, call La Habra Family Law Attorney and Divorce Lawyer John A. Balent at (714) 990-3255. We are located near La Habra and have proudly been assisting clients in this region to resolve their Divorce and Family Law matters successfully and efficiently since 1976. If you are looking for an experienced La Habra Divorce Attorney and Family Law Lawyer, we are ready to put our knowledge and legal skills to work for you and your family!