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Dedicated Primarily to Family Law since 1976.

Brea Legal Separation Attorney John A. Balent

The Law Offices of Brea Legal Separation Lawyer John A. Balent has been successfully helping clients obtain legal separations for 37 years. A lawyer who has devoted his legal career primarily to assisting clients involved in Divorce and Family Law related cases, Attorney John A. Balent can help you obtain a legal separation in lieu of divorce, as well as a divorce should you choose to proceed with marital dissolution at some point after the Family Law Court grants your Legal Separation.

Contact Brea Legal Separation Lawyer and Family Law Attorney John A. Balent at (714) 990-3255 today to schedule a free initial consultation with one of the area’s most respected Family Law Lawyers. Mr. Balent will meet with you to define Legal Separation, explain the process for obtaining a Legal Separation, and provide the necessary information so that you are able to make a fully educated decision with respect to how you wish to proceed.

Obtaining a Legal Separation in Brea

A Legal Separation is an alternative for spouses who no longer want to live as a married couple and accumulate community property assets & debts, but do not want to initiate a divorce action. Parties generally enter into legal separations when they want to separate (either temporarily or permanently) but don’t wish to divorce, either for religious, pBrea Legal Separation Attorney John Balentersonal or medical reasons.

Legal Separation proceedings are similar to Divorce proceedings, with two crucial exceptions – both spouses must consent to the action, and the residency requirement to file for divorce is waived.

When you and your spouse file for a legal separation, the Family Law Court will divide your assets and debts, issue rulings regarding child and spousal support, assign child custody, and implement a parenting plan for all minor children as if the couple was actually obtaining a divorce.

Although community property assets will no longer be acquired upon adjudication, the parties will remain legally married in the eyes of the law, and therefore eligible to remain on one another’s medical insurance. However, neither will be able to remarry until they divorce or upon the death of one party.

Contact Brea Separation Lawyer John Balent for a Free Consultation

If you are seeking a Legal Separation from your spouse, please contact Brea Legal Separation Attorney John A. Balent at (714) 990-3255 to schedule a free confidential consultation with a skilled and knowledgeable Family Law Lawyer. In practice since 1976, Mr. Balent has helped numerous clients in matters concerning Legal Separation.