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Dedicated Primarily to Family Law since 1976.

Norwalk Divorce Lawyer | Family Law Attorney John Balent

Norwalk Family Law Attorney and Divorce Lawyer John Balent offers skilled and aggressive legal representation to individuals in Orange County and throughout Southern California. Since 1976, the Law Offices of John A. Balent have assisted clients by primarily focusing on non-contested and contested family law matters, including: divorce,  post-judgment modification, child custody, child visitation, child support, and a many other Family Law matters.

Call Norwalk Family Law Lawyer and Divorce Attorney Balent at 714-990-3255 and arrange to have your free consultation at our office. Family Law Attorney Balent takes time with each client to discuss their unique situation and determine legal goals. As an experienced Norwalk Divorce Lawyer and Family Law Attorney, John Balent provides effective legal assistance so clients can resolve their disputes and get their lives moving forward.

Family Law Practice Areas – Family Law Lawyer John A. Balent

When you are facing divorce, or are involved in another family law dispute, the guidance of a skilled Family Law Lawyer is necessary. Norwalk Divorce Lawyer and experienced Family Law Attorney John Balent offers legal representation to clients in many areas of Family Law, including: Buena Park Family Law Attorney

Divorce – As an experienced Norwalk Divorce Attorney, John Balent offers representation in contested and uncontested cases, divorce litigation, marital settlement agreements, and complex high-dollar divorces. Mr. Balent is also a Same Sex Marriage Lawyer and has experience with same sex divorce and the dissolution of domestic partnerships.

Divorce Mediation When both parties seek a peaceful divorce solution, Divorce Mediation Lawyer Balent helps couples resolve their differences through informed decisions and negotiations. The services of a skilled Norwalk Divorce Mediation Attorney are necessary if the couple wishes to avoid a costly and lengthy divorce through litigation.

Child CustodyChild Custody Lawyer John Balent works diligently with parents and vigorously fights for a result that is in the child’s best interests. As an experienced Child Custody Attorney, Mr. Balent helps clients create a successful parenting plan that is designed to alleviate possible future conflicts.

Child VisitationWhen one parent has primary custody, a Child Visitation Attorney will draft a plan that determines the amount of time the other parent will see the child. Norwalk Child Visitation Lawyer Balent will guide clients to create comprehensive parenting plans.  

Child SupportAn experienced Child Support Lawyer since 1976, Family Law Attorney John Balent understands the complex guidelines used by the courts to determine child support. Norwalk Child Support Attorney Balent vigorously fights to ensure that all relevant factors are applied before the support amount is determined. We also have experience with arrearage cases and the defense of support enforcement.

Domestic Violence – Domestic Violence Attorney Balent provides aggressive legal representation for these cases in the Family Courts and also in the Criminal Courts. If you are seeking protection orders or a defense for domestic violence charges, call Norwalk Domestic Violence Lawyer John Balent.

Legal Separation – Legal Separation Lawyer Balent assists separated couples in Family Law Courts with determining spousal support, division of assets, and child custody. Instead of divorcing, both parties consent to the agreement. Legal Separation Attorney Balent has served the Norwalk community since 1976.

Modifications – As a skilled Family Law Lawyer, Post Judgment Modification Attorney John Balent represents individuals seeking changes in child support, visitation, custody, or alimony matters. Norwalk Post Judgment Modification Lawyer Balent offers free consultations.

Property DivisionDivorcing couples frequently contest the division of debts and assets. Norwalk Property Division Lawyer and Divorce Attorney Balent will help you thoroughly understand the many financial ramifications that come with divorce. Property Division Attorney Balent answers all questions so you can make informed decisions about the financial security of your family.

Spousal Support – Norwalk Spousal Support Attorney and Family Law Lawyer John Balent works hard for each client to obtain the best outcome possible for their situation. Alimony is calculated by using several factors. If you believe your existing alimony order needs to be modified, contact Spousal Support Lawyer Balent today.

Norwalk Family Law Attorney Balent also represents individuals who are involved in a variety of Family Law matters. Please call the Law Office of John A. Balent if you are looking for services from a Community Property Attorney, Move Away Lawyer or Parental Relocation Attorney, Paternity Lawyer, Stepparent Adoptions Attorney, Prenuptial Agreements Lawyer, Postnuptial Agreements Attorney, or Same Sex Marriage Attorney.

Call our skilled Norwalk Family Law Attorney for your Free Consultation

At the Law Offices of Family Law Lawyer and Divorce Attorney John Balent, we understand that your family is going through a stressful time. We offer intelligent, honest legal advice and are committed to efficiently and successfully resolving your Family Law and Divorce matters. Contact our office online, or call (714) 990-3255 to arrange for your free consultation. We can put our decades of legal experience into action on your case!