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Brea Parental Relocation Lawyer John Balent

Welcome to the Law Offices of Brea Parental Relocation Attorney John A. Balent. Mr. Balent has been successfully representing clients in move away and parental relocation disputes since 1976. A highly skilled and effective Family Law Lawyer, Brea Attorney John A. Balent works diligently to ensure that his clients obtain the most favorable outcome possible in their move away matters.

Whether you are a custodial parent who wishes to obtain a move away order or a non-custodial parent seeking to prevent custodial parent relocation, contact Brea Parental Relocation Lawyer and Move Away Attorney John Balent at (714) 990-3255 to make an appointment for a free in office consultation.

Move Away and Effects of Parental Relocation

Numerous complicated issues may ensue when one parent wants to move out of the local jurisdiction, particularly if the Primary Custodial parent is seeking relocation. Although the Family Law Courts tend to allow parental relocation if the parent’s economic status will be improved by relocating, the law governing move-away cases is always evolving and it is crucial that you retain a Family Law Lawyer who is familiar with current and Brea parental reloaction attorney John Balentchanging trends.

Move away situations can become highly volatile, and can result in a renewed Child Custody dispute when the Primary Custodial Parent is seeking to create a substantial distance between the child and the Non-Custodial parent. Therefore, it is best to retain a highly skilled family law attorney to help you with these matters.

Regardless of whether the Custodial Parent or the Non-Custodial Parent is relocating, the parties will need to return to Court to modify the following:

Brea Parental Relocation Lawyer John A. Balent has 37 years’ experience helping both custodial and non-custodial parents resolve disputes resulting from move away cases.

Contact an Experienced Brea Parental Relocation Attorney

If you are seeking or fighting a Move Away or Parental Relocation Order, please contact the Brea Law Offices of Parental Relocation Lawyer & Family Law Attorney John A. Balent by email or call (714) 990-3255 to schedule a free confidential consultation.

A highly knowledgeable Family Law practitioner, Mr. Balent can provide invaluable legal counsel based on his extensive experience with respect to the issues that will naturally arise as a result of parental relocation.