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Dedicated Primarily to Family Law since 1976.

Whittier Family Law Attorney | Divorce Lawyer John Balent

Divorce Attorney and Family Law Lawyer John A. Balent provides experienced representation and legal counsel to individuals who are involved in divorce and family law cases in Whittier, and in all of Southern California. We primarily focus on uncontested and contested family law cases. Since 1976, the Law Offices of Whittier Divorce Lawyer John Balent has been helping clients resolve legal matters which involve divorce, child support, child custody, property division, post-judgment modifications, divorce mediation, child visitation, and many other Family Law matters.Whittier Family Law Attorney John Balent

Call Whittier Divorce Attorney and Family Law Attorney Balent at 714-990-3255 and arrange for a free consultation. During this first meeting, Divorce Lawyer Balent will review your case materials and talk with you about your situation in order to determine your legal goals. As a skilled Whittier Family Law Attorney, John Balent strives to resolve legal disputes so his clients can move forward and get relief from the added stress and worry these legal matters may be causing.

Divorce Lawyer | Family Law Attorney for Whittier, California

When you are headed for a divorce, or if you need legal assistance for a family law matter, you need a divorce attorney and family law lawyer with extensive experience in this field. Whittier Divorce Attorney and Family Law Lawyer Balent also serves the Whittier community as a Parental Relocation Attorney, Paternity Lawyer, Stepparent Adoptions Attorney, Same Sex Marriage Lawyer, Prenuptial Agreements Attorney, and Postnuptial Agreements Lawyer. Mr. Balent provides an aggressive and caring representation in many areas of practice, including the following divorce and family law matters.

Divorce Attorney

Whether your legal matter deals with contested or uncontested divorce, divorce litigation, a settlement agreement, or an intricate high-dollar divorce, Whittier Divorce Lawyer John Balent will fight while protecting your rights. He is also a Same Sex Marriage Lawyer who diligently works at obtaining same sex divorces and domestic partnership dissolutions for clients.

Divorce Mediation Lawyer

In divorce cases where both parties want peaceful divorce solutions through divorce mediation, Whittier Divorce Attorney John Balent helps couples work through their differences during negotiations while making informed decisions. Men and women who wish to avoid costly and lengthy divorce proceedings may contact Whittier Divorce Mediation Attorney John Balent to receive information about the ways they can actively decide upon the terms of their divorce.

Child Custody Attorney

Striving to create effective and successful parenting plans in child custody matters, Child Custody Lawyer John Balent works carefully with parents so as to achieve results that represent the child’s best interests. As an experienced Whittier Family Law Lawyer, John Balent crafts these parenting plans with an eye toward alleviating future conflicts.

Child Visitation Lawyer

In child visitation matters, Child Visitation Attorney and Whittier Family Law Attorney John A. Balent guides parents toward creating a comprehensive parenting plan which clearly determines when the child will spend time with either parent.

Child Support Attorney

For over 40 years, Whittier Family Law Lawyer and Child Support Lawyer John Balent has assisted clients in child support matters. Mr. Balent has an in-depth understanding of California’s guidelines for the determination of child support. He vigorously fights while ensuring the proper factors are applied, and handles arrearage and child support enforcement defense matters.

Domestic Violence Lawyer

Are you seeking protection orders? Or, are you being charged with domestic violence? Contact Domestic Violence Attorney John Balent for a vigorous representation in criminal court and family court matters.

Legal Separation Attorney

The skills of a knowledgeable Whittier Divorce Attorney and Family Law Lawyer are critical when couples seek a legal separation. Legal Separation Lawyer John A. Balent helps couples to finalize these arrangements, including division of property, spousal support, and child custody.

Post Judgment Modification Lawyer

When changes are made in child visitation, spousal support, or child support matters, a post judgment modification is necessary. As a Post-Judgment Modification Attorney, John Balent offers representation to achieve an effective resolution in post judgment modification matters. Call Whittier Family Law Attorney John Balent for a free consultation.

Property Division Attorney

Whether in divorce or legal separation situations, the division of property is a frequently contested action. As a Property Division Lawyer for Whittier, Divorce Lawyer John A. Balent assists clients with the equitable division of assets and debts.

Spousal Support Lawyer

Whittier Family Law Attorney John Balent works diligently to secure the best outcome for each client. In cases involving spousal support, Whittier Family Law Lawyer and Spousal Support Attorney John Balent works vigorously to ensure the appropriate information is factored into the initial determination or modification of spousal support (alimony).

Whittier Family Law Lawyer and Divorce Lawyer John A. Balent serves clients in a wide variety of family law cases. Call for a consultation if you are needing the experienced services of a Stepparent Adoptions Attorney, Same Sex Marriage Attorney, Postnuptial Agreements Lawyer, Prenuptial Agreements Attorney, Paternity Attorney, or Parental Relocation Lawyer.

Call Family Law Lawyer John Balent today for a Free Consultation!

Divorce Attorney and Family Law Lawyer John Balent has served women, men, and their families in family law cases for several decades. He has a comprehensive understanding of the stress and emotions affecting families when these legal situations occur. Whittier Attorney John Balent offers an honest, experienced representation and legal counsel that can help you to successfully resolve your family law and divorce issues. Call Family Law Attorney and Divorce Lawyer John Balent at 714-990-3255. We invite you to contact us online and we can schedule your free initial consultation. The Law Office of John Balent is prepared to put our knowledge and experience to work in your divorce or family law matter!


When driving to the Law Offices of John A. Balent from the Whittier area, begin driving southeast on Lambert Road. Make a right on Beach Blvd. Take a left on W. Imperial Hwy. Turn right on S. Brea Blvd. Turn right on W. Fir St. Our office is at 110 W. Fir St., Suite 4, in Whittier.