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Dedicated Primarily to Family Law since 1976.

Yorba Linda Family Law Lawyer John A. Balent

Welcome to the Law Office of Yorba Linda Family Law Attorney John A. Balent. Since 1976, Lawyer Balent has been successfully guiding clients from Yorba Linda and surrounding communities through the Family Law court system. Attorney John Balent provides representation primarily to those involved in non-contested and contested Family Law matters including divorce, visitation, custody, child support, modification, and a wide variety of additional family law dealings.

Contact us by calling 714-990-3255 to arrange for an appointment for your no-cost initial consultation with a leading Family Law and Divorce Lawyer.

With 37 years’ experience, the Law Offices of Family Law Attorney John Balent hears your needs and concerns about your legal situation, and we are prepared to fight and protect your individual rights so you can move forward in your life!

Family Law Practice Areas in Yorba Linda

Yorba Linda Family Law Lawyer and Divorce Attorney John A. Balent consistently provides skilled, experienced legal representation for clients involved in a diverse range of Family Law issues, including:

DivorceWhether you are considering divorce, or you have already decided to file for divorYorba Linda Divorce Attorney John Balentce, Mr. Balent provides experienced representation in both contested and uncontested divorce cases. Divorce Attorney Balent provides a realistic, honest assessment of your unique case so you can make an informed decision regarding divorce-related issues.

Divorce Mediation – Divorce Mediation Attorney Balent works with both parties to create a peaceful resolution to the often lengthy, contentious, and bitter divorce proceedings. As a neutral party, Mr. Balent will advise the spouses on ways to resolve their differences respectfully so as to avoid judicial interference.

Child CustodyFamily Law Lawyer Balent provides experienced counsel to clients involved in child custody issues. These cases are highly emotional and we are prepared to help you seek resolution of your child custody dispute through negotiation, mediation, or litigation.

Child Visitation – Our attorneys work to create a comprehensive plan for parents to ensure the child’s best interests are met and to see that the child is allotted adequate time to spend with each of the parents.

Child Support – You need the experience of Yorba Linda Attorney Balent who will review your case and help you make an informed decision regarding your legal options in child support arrearage cases, the initial determination of child support, and support enforcement defense.

Community Property Division – We strive to help clients achieve an equitable and fair distribution of their community property debts and assets, including those cases that involve hidden assets.

Domestic Violence – Attorney Balent provides a vigorous representation to victims of domestic violence. We can assist with domestic violence defense in Family Law Court and the Criminal Courts, and we can help with obtaining orders of protection.

Move-Away Issues – When one parent seeks to relocate from the area, Lawyer Balent provides experienced counsel that includes the modification of child custody, support, or visitation.

Legal Separation – Lawyer Balent can assist you in obtaining a Legal Separation and provide skilled representation for Family Court rulings.

Paternity– Whether you are divorcing and have these concerns about one of your children, or whether you are an unwed parent unsure of paternity, we can help you with establishing or fighting any Paternity action.

Prenuptial AgreementsWe provide intelligent advice while drafting, reviewing, and revising all pre-marital agreements so clients can make informed decisions while safeguarding their assets.

Postnuptial Agreements– We skillfully revise, review and draft these documents that are created after the parties marry, but prior to death, separation or divorce.

Post-Judgment Modifications – If a change in circumstances warrants post-judgment modification for your case, Mr. Balent will provide experienced counsel in a cost-effective and timely manner with regard to adjusting alimony, child support, child custody, and parenting plans.

Stepparent Adoptions – We provide knowledgeable legal representation for those defending or bringing a stepparent adoption.

Spousal Support – Skilled legal counsel is provided for alimony and spousal support cases.

Family Law Attorney John A. Balent has 37 years’ experience providing highly effective legal guidance and representation to Family Law clients.

Call Yorba Linda Family Law Lawyer John Balent

If you are contemplating a divorce or involved in any Family Law issue, you need intelligent, honest legal advice. Contact Yorba Linda Divorce Attorney and Family Law Lawyer John Balent immediately at (714) 990-3255 to schedule your no-cost, initial consultation.

Attorney John Balent and his knowledgeable staff are committed to working diligently in order to keep clients and their families informed and also regularly updated. We return all email and telephone calls promptly.